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How to Increase Battery Life of iPhone XR/XS/XS Max

Apple’s iPhone XR battery life is supposed to last you all day, however, it has yet to last as long as current top-rated smartphones. If you follow their devices and love their products, then don’t fret.

The list below shares different ways of getting the most out of your mobile phone’s battery. Any of these tips can help prolong the smartphones’ charge, often adding hours to its’ run time.

5 Simple Methods to Conserve Battery Life

One - Adjust Brightness

The OLED display can be epic, especially when considering the resolution and color scale. However, they do typically use more power for brighter pixels. In fact, operating your smartphone at one hundred percent brightness is one of the fastest ways of draining the battery.

Prevent your smartphone from completely dying when you need it most by decreasing the brightness. You can also access auto-brightness features through going into settings, general, accessibility, and display accommodations.

Two - Close APPs & Programs After Use

It’s easy to forget about closing out old tabs when getting daily use out of your smartphone. For this reason, every smart device user should be reminded that running multiple APPs or programs at once sucks up power fast.

Leaving your favorite games open, running messenger, and playing music could zap up the juice pretty quickly. Make sure to clear all tabs when you are done using them.

Three - Try Auto-Lock

You might not be one of those people that like using auto-lock features. On the other hand, it’s not recommended that you use the ‘never’ option. The iPhone is designed to automatically dim brightness, lock screen, and go blank when the device isn’t being used for longer than several minutes. This is to conserve as much power as possible.

For the best results, try changing the screen saver/lock settings to half a minute or longer. Do so by going in to Settings, display, and brightness, then auto-lock.

Four - Check Out Dark Mode Display Options

Adjusting the intensity and colors of your screen doesn’t mean you will lose the enhanced picture quality. Consider going into Dark Mode which changes the display from white to black. Inverting the colors like this is known to help extend battery life. Simply go to settings, general, accessibility, display accommodations, and turn on invert color options.

Curious about the XR’s predecessors? Such as Apple’s iPhone XS battery life and the iPhone XS Max battery life? The power consumption of these models is similar across the board. Any of the methods shown above will work to prolong battery life.

Five - Consider Low Power Mode

Most smartphones will prompt you with a low power mode once the battery reaches a certain level. This mode decreases brightness and minimizes background activity to extend its’ power. This is one of the easiest approaches to conserving energy.

Just go into settings, control center, customize controls, and add low power mode to your control center menu. This delivers quick access so you can turn it off/on when necessary.

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